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Rub a dub dub

IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3802Yesterday we pulled out the doors for the Chevelle. Jordan wet sanded them starting with 1000 grit, then 2000, followed by 3000. Once he had that done, Chris buffed them back up to a brilliant shine. Just like the sanding process, the buffing process has 3 steps. First step is a heavy compound followed by a medium compound then a light polishing compound. The purpose of these steps is to remove any orange peel in the paint. This is where the ultimate gloss comes from. These extra steps are labor intensive but really make the paint pop right off the car. This is what distinguishes a High Performance Finish from a standard paint job.

Oh deer!

IMG_3805 IMG_3807 IMG_3814 This Kia Sorento is in the shop to repair the front and left side from a deer collision. The owner was b-bopping down a country road when out of nowhere a deer tried to join her in the car. I thought we had pictures of the body, but I guess I forgot to take them. A new front bumper, left fender, head light and a new left front door. We will repair the left rear door, which is whats going on in these pictures. We started by stud welding a few studs to the bent up area and pulling the dent out. Once the metal was looking good, a coat of body filler was applied. Once that was blocked out and straight we primed it. The parts for this one should come in over the next couple of days.

Another one bites the dust

IMG_3791 IMG_3790 IMG_3794 IMG_3795 This Sentra came in last week as a result of a rear end collision. It was bad enough to have to go over to our frame shop to get the rear body and floor pulled. We have been very busy lately and taken pictures kinda took a backseat last week. Once the parts were ordered and the car was disassembled, we sent it over to our frame shop. When we got it back, we went right to work on repairing the body damage. The left and right quarter as well as the rear bumper were damaged. We painted the body on Monday, and the bumper yesterday. Yesterday, we also assembled the car. Today we had it all cleaned up and delivered it to the customer. She was very happy to get it back. IMG_3812 IMG_3811

Got it covered

IMG_3803 IMG_3804 IMG_3815 Sometimes we get summonsed to paint parts for a local accessory store. Today was one of those days. This is a nice hard bed cover for a late model F 150. The cover was ordered yesterday, and came in early this morning. We got right to work on this because the owner is going out of town on Friday and needs this installed before the trip. We started this job by prepping the panel per the manufacturers directions. We then applied a coat of sealer to improve adhesion and allow the color to cover faster. In picture 2, you can see a coat of color has been applied. We followed that with 2 more coats. Once the base coat was dry, we sprayed 2 coats high solids clear. This cover is ready to be installed. The company that sold the cover will be installing it tomorrow. Team work!

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