Hi! Remember me?

IMG_3817 IMG_3828 IMG_3832 This Equinox came in a couple of weeks ago because of and unfortunate incident in an intersection. We had to send this one over to out frame guy to get the A-post pulled out a little. When we put the door on, there was a gap at the top of the door frame. Since there is no adjustment in the door for that direction, it meant that something must be bent.  Unfortunately our frame guy was a little backed up so it took a few days to get it back. Well, today was that day. We got it back from him early this morning and got right to work getting it ready for paint. Once we had it back together enough for paint, Jordan and I sanded and washed it up. You can see him having a good tie with the hose. It was nice to have the shop doors open today and be able to sand a car with out freezing to death. Once it was dry enough, we put the Equinox in the booth and got it ready for paint. You can see a coat of sealer in the second picture. It wasn’t quite dry so that explains the light and dark areas. After the sealer dried, several coats of red were sprayed. After the red base coat, it was time for the clear coat. Tomorrow we hope to get this one back together and get an alignment and the damaged wheels switched out. Still several things left to do before its ready but it wont be long now.

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