Daily Archives: April 23, 2014

Parking lot scuffle

IMG_3875 IMG_3874 IMG_3882 IMG_3901 IMG_3900 IMG_3904 IMG_3905This Maxima was all most all alone in a parking lot while the owners had a late dinner one night. Luckily, they wrapped up just in time to see someone knock the front end off of their new car. We started by removing the busted up bumper an headlight. The fender was also bent up a bit but luckily nothing else was damaged. We prepped the new bumper and fender early this afternoon and we had enough time to get it painted today. A coat of sealer on the bumper and damaged area on the bumper started off the paint process. After that dried, we applied several coats of base coat color. The 2 coats of clear provided the high gloss. If all goes well we hope to get this one back together tomorrow and back to its owner.

Working the Pony

IMG_3877IMG_3880IMG_3902IMG_3903 We were able to get back on the Mustang yesterday and today. The hood has been repaired and primed. The doors and fenders have been trimmed out and installed. We were able to get some of the sanding done on it as well. The plan for tomorrow is to finish the sanding, wash it and prep it for paint. Hopefully that will happen on Friday. Like most cars we do, they have to look worse before they look better.

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