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2 Maxima’s

IMG_3888IMG_3895IMG_3886IMG_3894IMG_3898IMG_3897This Maxima was involved in an accident right out in front of our shop the other day. After asking around for a repair shop, he was referred to us. We started by removing all of the damaged parts to get a good assessment on what needed to be replaced. This is really the best way to write an estimate because it greatly increases your chances of ordering all the parts you need the first time. As you can see, this one took a bigger hit that the last Maxima we fixed earlier this week. We will be replacing everything that has been removed from this car. Its a pretty big job, and looks like its really bad. Fortunately, there is no major damage to the structure. All of the broken parts are bolt on parts. Hopefully this one will go pretty easily.

Ready for the booth

IMG_3916 IMG_3915Here is an update on the Mustang. We have all the body panels back on and the body is sanded and ready for paint. We also washed it to be sure we get a nice clean job. We hope to get this one painted early next week.


IMG_3912And it is. The finished product all cleaned up and ready to go home. The owner took delivery yesterday and was very pleased with the way it all turned out.

Car show info


Upcoming car shows

Here is the information on our next two shows.

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