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Good timing

IMG_4128 IMG_4129 IMG_4130 IMG_4132This Wrangler came in today in need of a new bumper because of a slight bump up. We had previously priced painting the fender flares for the owner so while it was here we are handling both repairs for the owner. The flares on the right were in pretty bad shape. The clear coat on them was breaking down and turning chalky. We sanded them down and primed them to ensure a good quality repair. Before we left we were able to get them all sanded up and washed. The new bumper will go on right after they get painted in the morning.

Slight bump up

IMG_4112 IMG_4113 IMG_4114 IMG_4115We had an Accord get dropped off this morning to get a new rear bumper. We started prepping this bumper by sanding the bumper so the paint will properly adhere to it. We then sprayed a coat of sealer on it to help with paint coverage and adhesion. Once the sealer was dry we sprayed 3 coats of color followed by 2 coats of clear.  This will go back together tomorrow and be ready for the customer and the weekend.

Wrap it up

IMG_4121 IMG_4126This Titan is coming along nicely. We got the bumper in early enough today to get painted and installed. The light that came in with it was damaged so we will get another one tomorrow morning. This one will be getting cleaned up and delivered tomorrow. Here you can see Chris laying down on the job again.

Dash away

IMG_4109 IMG_4111This ’63 Impala belongs to a very loyal repeat customer. We have done numerous cars for this guy in the past but this Impala is the latest job from him. He bought the car pretty much the way it sits with a few exceptions. He pulled the motor out to perform a complete rebuild as well as the 4 speed transmission. He also upgraded the front suspension and installed disk brakes. We will be painting the dash in the car for him our signature egg shell black. This dash was painted entirely too shiny and it made driving it difficult. There was too much reflection in the windshield causing a terrible glare. We called in our glass guys to remove the windshield for us to provide better access to the dash. Here you can see Jordan prepping it for paint. We may be able to get it painted on Friday if all goes well.

Bruised up Titan

IMG_4107 IMG_4108 IMG_4110This Titan came in the shop yesterday to get the bedside fixed,  a new tail light and a new rear bumper. We started by removing the rear bumper, tail light and the tail gate. We had to use a  pretty heavy duty tool called a port o power to jack the bedside back out into shape. A port o power is a hydraulic tool that has a pump that forces fluid to a ram that moves in and out as you pump it like a car jack. We positioned it in the hole where the tail light goes and used it to push the metal back out. Once we had the factory shape back, we used body filler to fine tune it. The bumper for this truck should be in tomorrow and we will have to paint that to match the old one. Finish it off with a new top bumper pad and a new tail light and this Titan will be back in business.

Juke in the booth

IMG_4089 IMG_4090This is the rear body panel on the Juke. We did get in the booth first thing this morning to get painted. We also had the glass in the hatch switched out today. Once those were done, we put the interior back together and started on assembling the bumpers. Those will go on in the morning before we send it over to get a full clean up for the customer. If all goes well, this Juke owner will be cruising the streets this weekend.

Grand finale

IMG_4100 IMG_4095 IMG_4097 IMG_4098 IMG_4099Here is the results on the Fat Boy we started yesterday. Today we laid out the flames, sprayed them and cleared them. These flames were hand taped and painted then clear coated. We even put a few coats of purple pearl over the white to spice it up even more. These will pop outside in the sun. These colors should make this Harley stand out from the rest.

Fat Boy

IMG_4074 IMG_4075 IMG_4088 IMG_4080 IMG_4081 IMG_4082 IMG_4083 IMG_4085 IMG_4087This  Harley Davidson Fat Boy tank and fenders were dropped off the other day to get a fresh new coat of paint. The owner wanted to jazz the bike up to fit her style. She knew exactly what she wanted and it only took a few minuets for us to iron out the details.  I’m not going to spill all the beans here on what these will look like when we finish, you will have to check back to see for yourself.

Guess who’s back, back again..

IMG_4076 IMG_4077 IMG_4078 IMG_4084We finally have the Juke back from the frame shop. While it was there they performed a light pull on the rear body panel, then replaced it. You can see Chris prepping the panel for seam sealer and etching primer. We use an etching primer to bite into the metal and provide good adhesion of the seam sealers. Seam sealer is used to fill in the tiny gaps where metal is over lapped to keep water and wind out. Tomorrow we will put this in the booth and paint that panel, then start the reassembly process. If all goes well, we hope to have this Juke back home on Friday. Just in time for a nice weekend.

Dont forget

20140426-085800.jpg Dont forget about the car show this Saturday at Holy Hill Mall in Burlington.

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