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Out dead paint

IMG_3981 IMG_3982 IMG_3983This F150 came in to get the hood an tonneau cover repainted. This truck is equipped with a GTR package. It is an appearance package that really jazzes the truck up. These parts haven’t really stood up to the elements so the owner wanted to get them looking new again. When this truck was built, the company that installed these parts didnt use a clear coat. They painted the add on parts with a single stage paint. Which means the paint dried shiny instead of having to apply a clear coat. This saves time and money for the builders, but single stage paint does not hold up as well as base coat clear coat. So we fixed that for him. We removed the parts to make for a nice, clean job on this truck.  We then sanded the parts down to get to good paint. After that we prepped then and put them in the booth.  As usual a coat of sealer was applied followed by a few coats of color then 2 coats of high solids clear. This truck will be back with its owner tomorrow.

Juke didnt Juke

IMG_3976 IMG_3975 IMG_3978 IMG_3979This Juke was involved in a pretty good bump up. Unfortunately, it suffered damage on both ends. Being in the middle of an accident means you are the one who suffers the most damage. After being hit in the rear, this Juke was pushed into the car in front of them. Although the front is not near as bad as the rear, we will be installing  a new front bumper up there as well. The rear will be getting a new hatch, rear bumper, all the metal in front of the rear bumper that supports it. We went ahead and removed all the interior parts because the new rear body panel will have to be welded in. We remove those parts to ensure they dont get burn marks in them from the welder. We hope to get this one back in a few days from the frame shop. It will have to be pulled on the frame machine before the rear body can be replaced. We will keep you informed on this one as we move along.

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