Daily Archives: May 15, 2014

Dont forget

20140426-085800.jpg Dont forget about the car show this Saturday at Holy Hill Mall in Burlington.

Get your shine on

IMG_4050 IMG_4052 IMG_4053 IMG_4055 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4040 IMG_4041 IMG_4044 IMG_4043 IMG_4047 IMG_4048 IMG_4049This is the ’67 Chevelle that we started on last week. This week we were able to get the doors trimmed out, the hood and trunk trimmed out and the top of them painted. Tomorrow we plan on painting the tops of the door tomorrow. Jordan spent some time today wet sanding the hood, so we also will try to get the hood and trunk buffed out. As with all of our High Performance Finishes, we start by applying a coat of urethane sealer. This seals up panel and makes a uniform surface for the paint. Once the sealer was dry, we painted the parts with black base coat. After the base coat went on, we applied two coats to the inside of parts and three to outside parts that will get buffed. We put an extra coat on those parts because of the amount of material that will get removed when buffed. We should post some pictures of that tomorrow or sometime over the weekend.

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