Fine ’39

IMG_4168 IMG_4167 IMG_4166 IMG_4171 IMG_4172This ’39 Chevy was in a small bump up that caused a bit of damage to the right rear fender. The owners wife was backing out of the driveway and forgot the ’39 was behind her. She hit the car and did some damage to both. We fixed her car last week and his this week. You can see here that the best procedure to repair this one was to remove the fender from the car. We then hammered out the dent then used body filler to finish off the repair. Although the repair area was big, the filler was actually pretty thin. This makes for a nicer repair and reduces any chances of problems with the repair. The owner built this car about 20 years ago and didnt remember the color code or what it came off of so we sent the fender over to the paint store to match up the color since they have all the cool tools to do it. They will use a tool called a “Prophet” to take pictures of the color for all different angles. It will then formulate the color to a pretty close match. Then a someone will fine tune the color and do a sprayout to ensure a good match. We should be getting this fender in the booth tomorrow and painting it. If all goes well, we can get it back on the car Thursday and back to the owner.

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