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Dang garage door II

IMG_4264 IMG_4259Yep, this one too. Had this beautiful Escalade been backed in one more inch, the front bumper would have been spared. Luckily it was pretty minor and didnt cause a lot of damage. As you can see we did remove the bumper and disassembled it to ensure a high quality repair.  We did get this repair primed before we left today. With a little luck, we may get this on painted tomorrow too.

Dang garage door

IMG_4253 IMG_4254 IMG_4256This Civic is in the shop to get its trunk repaired. The owner pulled into the garage and closed the garage door but the car was just a few inches short of clearing the door. The door hit the trunk and left a pretty good scratch in it. Chris was able to get the small dent and scratch repaired today and primed. We had time before the end of the day to block out the primer and sand the rest of the trunk for paint. Tomorrow this one will take its turn in the booth.

Paint day

IMG_4243IMG_4242IMG_4241IMG_4240IMG_4248IMG_4246IMG_4249Friday we painted the Chevelle. Since the engine was in and the frame was painted, we had to take special precautions to keep over spray off them. We bagged the bottom of the car and wrapped it over the engine. Then, a few pieces of paper over the windows and doors finished up the masking. Once it was all prepped up, a coat of sealer, three coats of color and three coats of clear rounded up this paint job. As you can see from these pictures, it turned out pretty good.

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