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Shine time

IMG_4180 IMG_4181 IMG_4182 IMG_4183 IMG_4184 IMG_4177Yesterday and today we spent a big portion of time buffing out the ’71 Chevelle. Jordan and I blocked out the body with 1000 grit sandpaper to remove the orange peel and get the surface as flat as possible. Once that step was complete we hand sanded the body again with 2000 grit paper. This step is to remove the 1000 grit scratch and leave a 2000 grit scratch. Once that was complete we went back over it one more time with 3000 grit on a DA sander. This step really helps save a bunch of time with the buffer. Speaking of buffing, this is where Chris took over. He started out with a medium cut compound to remove all the sanding scratches. Once those were out, he switched to a polishing  compound that brings the shine back and removes the fine swirls left over from the first step. After that, its gone over one more time with an ultra fine polish with the buffer then a final hand polish to finish it off. All these steps really make the color pop and the shine is now a mile deep. Going the extra mile really makes all the difference.S

Keep on truckin

IMG_4170 IMG_4169 IMG_4175 IMG_4174 IMG_4173This C10 is in the shop to get  a few rust spots repaired. Although this truck isnt a show truck, it is pretty nice driver. We will be cutting out the old rusty metal and replacing it with new metal. Once that is welded in we use a water proof filler called All Metal to fill in any tiny pin holes. We then used body filler to smooth out the final repair. We will also treat the rust thats on the inside of the doors as well to slow down the rust process and maybe eliminate it. We will only be spot painting these areas because the rest of the truck is in pretty good shape. We hope to get the painting complete tomorrow and reassemble on Thursday. As long as no one throws a wrench in those plans we should be ok.

Fine ’39

IMG_4168 IMG_4167 IMG_4166 IMG_4171 IMG_4172This ’39 Chevy was in a small bump up that caused a bit of damage to the right rear fender. The owners wife was backing out of the driveway and forgot the ’39 was behind her. She hit the car and did some damage to both. We fixed her car last week and his this week. You can see here that the best procedure to repair this one was to remove the fender from the car. We then hammered out the dent then used body filler to finish off the repair. Although the repair area was big, the filler was actually pretty thin. This makes for a nicer repair and reduces any chances of problems with the repair. The owner built this car about 20 years ago and didnt remember the color code or what it came off of so we sent the fender over to the paint store to match up the color since they have all the cool tools to do it. They will use a tool called a “Prophet” to take pictures of the color for all different angles. It will then formulate the color to a pretty close match. Then a someone will fine tune the color and do a sprayout to ensure a good match. We should be getting this fender in the booth tomorrow and painting it. If all goes well, we can get it back on the car Thursday and back to the owner.

Custom Camaro

IMG_4164IMG_4165This Camaro came in the shop last week to get a couple of custom touches done to it. You can see with painted the scoop on the hood and flat blacked the tail panel per the owners request.

Shoot em up

IMG_4162 IMG_4163 IMG_4158 IMG_4159 IMG_4160 IMG_4161This is the little Z3 BMW that we have been working on. Last week we were able to get it painted up for the customer. No, this isnt the factory color for this Z, this is a 3 stage pearl job. The owner wanted to jazz it up a little and chose a Toyota pearl white to make this one stand out a bit from the rest. We started out by sealing the entire car with white sealer. We followed that up with 4 coats of white paint and 4 coats of pearl on top of that. Once that was dry, we sprayed on 2 coats of high solids clear coat to seal the color up and provide the shine. We have a few things to put back on this car before its ready to go back home. The owner will finish putting this one back together once we are finished.


100_1043 IMG_4157 IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4150The past few days Chris has been working diligently on the doors and fenders for the ’67 Chevelle. We painted these parts a few weeks ago and now its time to go the extra mile for the High Performance Finish. We started by blocking these panels out with 1000 grit sandpaper to ensure a smooth flat surface. We then switched to 2000 grit paper to make the buffing a little easier. Then 3000 on a dual action sander to speed the buffing process up even more. These extra steps are what it takes to provide our customers with the ultimate in gloss and depth. Just take a look for yourself.

Oh, Dashing

IMG_4139 IMG_4140This Impala belongs to one of our repeat customers. Its in the shop to get the dash painted the correct color. When the owner bought the car, the dash had been painted gloss black. The new owner didn’t like that very much so he asked us to paint it back the way it was supposed to be. Here you can see the factory style look he was going for.  It really looks better flat and it greatly reduces the glare on the windshield during night time driving. We had our glass guys re-install the windshield today to finish out the job.

Z little cruiser

IMG_4151 IMG_4152 IMG_4153We had this Z3 in the shop a couple of months ago to get its door jambs painted. When we finished with that, it left to get a top, new suspension and other mechanical things fixed up on it. Well, it came back Monday and we got right to work. We started by fixing the few little dents that were in it and got them primed in. Today we blocked out the primer spots and sanded the rest of the car in preparation for paint. This car will get a nice pearl white paint job. It will add a nice little sparkly touch for the owner to zip around in this summer. With all the nice weather we have been having lately, Im sure she is chomping at the bit to get this Z on the road. We will do our very best to make sure she is in it as soon as possible.

Camaro time

IMG_4143 IMG_4144 IMG_4145 IMG_4147 IMG_4148After weeks of working on late model Mustangs, it was nice to work on a little GM iron. This LS6 powered Camaro belongs to the son of one of the Mustangs we have worked on in the past few months. We joke and tell him he is obviously the one who got all the brains in the family. Its all in good fun, but it works up the dad a bit. Anyway, he wanted to get the scoop on the hood painted black and a few other custom touches on here while we had it in the shop.  We started by removing the hood and prepped it for paint like always. Once it was ready, we put it in the booth and sprayed a few coats of red over the front to fill in a few battle scars. Once that dried we masked off the scoop area to paint it black. We then pulled off the paper and sprayed 2 good coats of urethane clear coat. Tomorrow we will reinstall the hood and get the finished pictures.

Car show pictures

100_1020 100_1021 100_1022 100_1023 100_1027 100_1030 100_1031 100_1032 100_1033 100_1016 100_1018These are the pictures of our handy work from the Forever Unfinished car show this past Saturday.

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