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Making this Jeep new again

IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4338 IMG_4339 IMG_4340 IMG_4341 IMG_4342 IMG_4343 IMG_4344 IMG_4345 IMG_4346 IMG_4349 IMG_4350 IMG_4351 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4356 IMG_4358 IMG_4359 IMG_4361 IMG_4363 IMG_4366  This Jeep is in the shop to get a face lift. This old girl is a ’76 but is in pretty good shape. The tub has been replace recently with a fiberglass one so the body is in great shape. We will be dressing it up with new lights, bedliner on the inside as well as on the roll bar and bumpers. Since I was on vacation last week, Chris and Jordan did a great job of disassembling it and prepping it for paint and spraying the inside of the tub with our Raptor bedliner. As you can see in the pictures a lot of work has been done on here. We did get it masked off today and will get it painted tomorrow, roll bar and front bumper bedlined on Wednesday. As you can see in the last picture, we did land some free child labor today. Chris’ daughter Maddie and my daughter Mckenzie was “hired”  to clean the booth out.  Stay tuned to see it in full color tomorrow.

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