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New project,1952 Ford truck

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Meet the newest project at JMC. This is a 1952 Ford truck. Kelly Murphy has made many modifications to this oldie but goody. A Mustang II front end, rack and pinion steering, 4 wheel disk brakes and air conditioning a just a few of the custom touches this truck is sporting. With some parts at the sand blaster and some parts still at Kelly’s we only have the bed right now but should be getting more parts next week. We got right to work prepping the bed panels for primer. Sanding every nook and cranny and repairing areas that need special attention was top priority today. Since these panels are new, a lot of body work is not needed on these. The above pictures show us repairing the head gate part of the bed. The top was wavy from the stamping and welding process. We applied body filler to smooth up and fill in the low spots on this panel. We also had to apply filler to a couple of spots on the tailgate where it was modified for the hidden latches. We plan on getting all of these panels in primer tomorrow.  It will take 2 layers of primer to apply. An epoxy layer and a few coats of urethane primer. The epoxy will provide the corrosion protection and adhesion properties and the urethane primer will give us the build that is needed to fill in the slight imperfections. Stay tuned tomorrow to see these steps.


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