Daily Archives: September 18, 2014

Side swiping

IMG_4553 IMG_4557  IMG_4542 IMG_4543

 This brand new Hyundai was side swiped the other day. Though the damage wasn’t really all that severe, it was in a tricky spot. Chris pulled the handle and belt molding and lower cladding to make the repair a little easier. Lots of time was spent on the metal work to keep the body filler to a minimum. Once all the body work was complete we masked off the areas to be primed and applied 4 good coats of urethane primer. Tomorrow we will get the primer blocked out and hopefully get the panels prepped for paint. We are waiting on a wheel that was sent out for repair as well. Hopefully that will be back by early afternoon.

Bed time II

IMG_4546 IMG_4547 IMG_4548 IMG_4551 Back in the booth today to paint the remaining parts of the bed. This completes all the painting for the bed parts. We will let these sit for a while then wet sand and buff them. We hope to get more parts back from the blaster to keep this project moving. I will say, its not often we have a whole section of a vehicle painted in the first few weeks.

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