Daily Archives: September 24, 2014

Fender mender

IMG_4579 IMG_4580 IMG_4589 IMG_4586 IMG_4584 IMG_4591 IMG_4590As we get parts in from the blaster, we try to get moving on them as soon as possible. Today, the fenders for the ’52 Ford came in and we got right to work. Here you can see Jordan working on smoothing the surface from sandblasting. We sand the entire outside of the fender with 80 grit with a DA sander. We did find some very small pin holes around the lower areas of the fenders. We welded those up and ground them back down to make the area smooth again. This is a tedious process. Care must be taken to be sure we got them all. Once the holes were all fixed up, I used a hammer and dolly to start the straightening of the fenders. This smooths up the low and high places to get the metal a little closer to straight. This will save a little bit of time during the body work steps of these parts. We did get these all ready for primer today but first we will tackle the inside. Tomorrow we plan on applying a coat of POR15 on the insides of these fenders before we use a spray in bedliner to finish off the inside. Once all that dries, a coat of epoxy and 3 coats of slick sand will go on the outsides. This will provide a good amount of material to start blocking to get the outside good and straight.

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