Daily Archives: October 10, 2014

Bits and pieces

IMG_4735 IMG_4738 IMG_4739 IMG_4741 IMG_4742 IMG_4744 IMG_4729 IMG_4732These are custom parts for the ’52 Ford. They are designed to fill in the area around the radiator to provide a finished smoothed up look when the hood is opened. Chris started by grinding down all the welds and smoothing up some edges. Then he repaired the top side of the large cover to hide all the welded areas.  Once that was done, they were hung up in the booth and a coat of epoxy was sprayed on both sides of the parts. This coating is water proof and really adheres to bare metal. Once the epoxy had dried we seam sealed all the welded places up on the back side to keep water from getting in the welds. Lastly 3 good coats of urethane primer was sprayed on the bigger parts that will be seen. The other parts are basically brackets and braces. These pieces will be painted a flat black so the extra priming steps are not needed here. The grey primer parts will be body color and will look as good as the outside of the truck. Next week, we keep plugging along on this one. Have a great weekend!!

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