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Those darn yellow poles.

IMG_4759 IMG_4761 IMG_4764 IMG_4765 IMG_4757 IMG_4758We’ve all seen them. Those pesky yellow polls that protect the corners of buildings.  Some people have even seen them move!  That’s right, they do move. Well, at least this one did. The owner of this truck doesn’t really drive it all that often. She normally drives a much smaller car. But over the weekend she had to haul some things and hopped in to run some errands. Unfortunately she forgot she wasn’t driving her small car and cut it a bit too close to one of those pesky yellow poles and it jumped right out there in her path. It did quite a bit of damage but we are going to get it fixed up for her. Since the metal is stretched out of shape over such a large area, we will be replacing this bedside. This means the bed must be removed, that was step one this morning. Once the bed was off we had a blast drilling out the 4057 spot welds that held this panel on.  Not really, but we told ourselves that in hopes that we may enjoy it. Once those were all drilled we were then able to start pulling, prying and bending that old panel off. The next step was to drill all the holes in the new panel so we can plug weld this one back on. Lastly we fit the new panel and welded it back on. Not too bad for a days work. Tomorrow we will make sure all of our welds are repaired and the insides get corrosion protection.  If tomorrow goes as good as today, it may get painted.

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