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’52 Ford

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 Today we made great headway, Chris and I spent almost the entire day prepping these panels for POR and primer. We welded up quite a few tiny pinholes and also went ahead and smoothed up some heavily pitted areas on the inner fender panels. Tomorrow we will apply the POR to the bottom sides of these panels. This will ensure that any rusty pits get completely sealed up. We will then seam seal the areas where rust repair panels were welded in then spray our bedliner material on them. If that dries enough tomorrow we try to spray the primer on the other side.

Third times a charm

IMG_4838 IMG_4839 IMG_4843This Acura has, for the third time now, hit a deer. The owner contacted us today after finding us online and reading our reviews. After a phone call, arrangements were made to drop the car off for repairs. At first glance it really doesn’t look all that bad, but once the bumper was removed and after further investigation we found quite a bit more damage. This is why its best to disassemble a vehicle when writing an estimate. Its almost impossible to write an accurate sheet with out doing this. All the damage has been documented so we can provide the insurance company with what they need to process this claim quickly and easily. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on this tomorrow. It would be nice to get the parts ordered so we can get moving on it the first of the week.

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