Daily Archives: November 10, 2014

Epoxy time

IMG_4871 IMG_4872 IMG_4873IMG_4869 IMG_4868 IMG_4867 IMG_4877 IMG_4875 IMG_4872 IMG_4874Today Chris and I spent right much time working on the ’52 Ford. We started this morning by applying Alumifill to the welded areas on the fenders. We then smoothed those areas up, we will finish repairing those areas later. Once all the welded areas were ready, we applied a good coat of DPLV epoxy primer. This seals up all the metal areas. This product really likes bare metal. It provides a superb barrier for the metal and it is  a great foundation for the subsequent layers.  These panels were meticulously cleaned and before this primer was sprayed. They were wiped down numerous times to ensure they were as clean as possible. Tomorrow we will apply primer to running boards and the rest of the panels will get a few coats of Slick sand. Since the running boards are new, there is no reason for a high build primer. The other panels are all original and they do need a thicker primer. This is used to smooth out minor low spots and help make the panel flat and straight as an arrow.  Stay tuned. We will keep you posted.

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