Daily Archives: December 4, 2014

Moving along

IMG_5028 We welded the quarter on this Hyundai yesterday and today we got all the body work wrapped up and in primer. We still have to seal up the seams to complete the installation process on this quarter. That as well as prepping for paint will happen tomorrow. Stay tuned.

First time for everything

IMG_4983 IMG_4984 IMG_4993 IMG_5019 IMG_5026This CRV is in the shop to get repaired from a little bump up. This is the owners very first accident after years of driving. The good news is that the only thing hurt was the owners pride. The CRV even fared pretty good. Although it looks like a bunch of damage its not that bad. There is no frame damage and there isn’t anything bent that doesn’t bolt in. That makes for a nice straight forward repair. The parts are all on order and should be here tomorrow. We fixed the small three dents today and got them primed before we left today.  A new radiator and condenser tomorrow as well as a fresh new coat of paint will ensure this repair moves along quickly. If all goes well, this Honda will be reunited with its owner the first of the week.

Ready to roll

IMG_5023 IMG_5022This is the Town and Country that hit a deer just before Thanksgiving. We wrapped it all up today. The holidays put parts a little behind but Monday we had all that we needed to get it repaired with exception of the fan shroud. We went forward with the rest of the repair and installed that today when it came in.  A test drive and a good cleaning this afternoon and she is ready to go.

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