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DSCF7197 DSCF7196Ahh, the finished product. This Mustang will be at the Shriners Hot Rod Show in Greensboro on February 20 and 21st. We will also have a few other cars in that show so come on out and check us out.  Click the link to see the flyer for the show.

Get the door

DSCF7193DSCF7192We devoted some time to the Infinity today. The left rear door was trimmed out this morning and reinstalled it just as soon as it was dry enough. Later this afternoon we blocked out the primer spots and sanded the rest of the panels to prepare them for paint. This vehicle is has been washed and is in the booth. The plan is to paint it first thing in the morning.


Flame time

DSCF7176 DSCF7174 DSCF7187 DSCF7185 DSCF7188Today I spent most of the day here, in the booth flaming the Mustang. We started by masking off all the areas that wasnt getting painted. Then we covered up the old Boss type stripes on the fenders and doors. Once the red was dry, we taped up the black areas so we could lay out the new flames. Once they were masked up, they were painted black with a touch of red pearl mixed We then removed the masking and laid down 3 coats of high solids PPG clear coat. This will stay in the booth over the weekend and Monday we will get it wet sanded and buff for that High Performance Finish.

Gotta skin it

DSCF7179 DSCF7178 DSCF7180 DSCF7181Here is an update on the Infinity FX45. The door skin came in today so this afternoon we took the latter part of the day to get the old skin off and the new one on. Here you can see what your door looks like with out the outer panel removed. The lower round bar is the high strength steel intrusion beam. This is the part of the door that helps keep another car from entering your car in the case of an accident. The next set of pictures show Chris hammering the new skin on. He is folding the outer lip of the panel around the main structure of the door. Once the skin was on, we applied a coat of seam sealer around the seams just like the factory had done. This should all be set up by Monday so we can flip it over and repair a couple of small dents we created when installing the skin. This project is moving along nicely.

New look

DSCF7166 DSCF7165 DSCF7167 DSCF7172 DSCF7170 DSCF7169This famous Mustang is in the shop to get the stripes modified. The owner wants to change things up a bit from the paint job we did about a year ago. Today we took the things apart that was needed and Chris sanded it. As you can see, its in the booth and ready to masked up first thing in the morning. There has been several up grades and custom touches to this car. The owner made the engine cover and battery cover. The radiator cover is also some of his handy work. Stay tuned to see what’s next for this Stang.

Booth time

DSCF7161 DSCF7162 DSCF7164We had great progress on the Durango today. Yesterday it was sanded and set up in the booth before we left. This morning we masked it up for painting and did a final prep. We then applied a coat of sealer of the primed areas. Once that was dry, we sprayed 3 coats of base coat or color coat. When the base was dry, we laid down 2 coats of clear coat. Tomorrow we reassemble the doors and tail light, get it cleaned up and back to the owner.

Progress report

DSCF7158Although its not a great shot, this is the Infinity FX45. All the parts are ordered for the repairs. We  went ahead and repaired the front door today to keep the project moving along. Here you can see it after Chris primed it.  Stay tuned to keep up with the progress. We hope to have the new parts in by Friday.

Out darned scratch

DSCF7155 DSCF7159 DSCF7160Long time readers may remember this Durango. It was in the shop a while back to get some scratches repaired. Well its back for the same thing. We started by sanding out the scratches using a dual action sander and 180 grit sand paper. Once these were smoothed up, we switched to 320 grit paper and sanded around the 180 areas. Chris then masked off the areas that he did not want to get over spray on then primed it. While the primer was drying, we removed the mirror, handles, ect. for a nice job. Once the primer was dry, we blocked out the primer to ensure we kept a flat straight panel. We then sanded the rest of the side with 600 grit paper. Once that was completed, we used a scotch brite and scuff stuff to prep the rest of the panel for paint. We followed that up with a wash to make masking the panels cleaner and neater. Tomorrow we will get this on painted.

Dually noted

DSCF7147 DSCF7148 DSCF7149 DSCF7152This Ram is getting a couple of battle scars fixed up this week. A small ding in the tailgate and a lager dent in the right bedside will be the focus of the repairs. Even though we sorta got a late start on these repairs, we were still able to get the wrapped up and in primer before we left today. Tomorrow this primer gets another blocking and prepped for painting. It should also get sprayed tomorrow.

Driveway mishap

DSCF7142 DSCF7143This FX 45 is in the shop to get the left doors repaired. The owner stopped by a family members house for a visit. One of them left to run an errand and backed right into her SUV. We will be replacing the left rear door skin and repairing the left front door. Tomorrow we will be ordering all the parts necessary to do the repairs, but we will continue to work on it to keep the progress moving forward.

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