Daily Archives: January 7, 2015

Another quality repair

DSCF7068 DSCF7069Here is the finished project on the Honda Odyssey. It will go home tomorrow.

Liberty on the mend

DSCF7030 DSCF7031 DSCF7064 DSCF7067This Jeep Liberty had a close call with a wide loaded tractor trailer on the highway. There was a portion of a very large track loader overhanging the trailer, as the trailer passed the Liberty, the portion sticking out hit the right quarter. Keep in mind, they were both traviling down the highway at full speed. This could have been a really bad accident. Luckily though, no one was hurt and the impact didnt cause the Liberty to wreck. The new quarter panel came in yesterday and today we started cutting the old one off and fitting the new one. As you can see quite a bit was accomplished today. We trimmed the new one to fit and test fit it several times to make sure the door and tailgate gaps were right on the money. Tomorrow we will weld the new one on and start the final body work stages.

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