Daily Archives: January 12, 2015

Rust busting

DSCF7097DSCF7098DSCF7105DSCF7104DSCF7108The rust on this Accord shows what happens to cars that come from up north and what the consequenses of using salt on road to melt ice. In Honda’s defense, there has been a previous repair in this very area. It was a very nice repair but somehow, someway, something worked its way under the paint and caused this. Luckily we got to it before a hole has formed. It was just a simple surface rust problem. We ground the paint off until we got to clean metal. Once that was done, we applied a coat of POR 15 over the rust. POR encapsulates the rust removing the oxygen. This keeps it from ever returning. Once that was dry, we smoothed the are up and primed it in. Tomorrow, this one will be silver again.

Feeling blue

DSCF7106 DSCF7107 The Jeep took its turn in the booth today and it turned out great. Tomorrow we will put this one all back together and it time permits, washed and cleaned up for the customer. This one should be going home on Wednesday.

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