Daily Archives: January 22, 2015

New look

DSCF7166 DSCF7165 DSCF7167 DSCF7172 DSCF7170 DSCF7169This famous Mustang is in the shop to get the stripes modified. The owner wants to change things up a bit from the paint job we did about a year ago. Today we took the things apart that was needed and Chris sanded it. As you can see, its in the booth and ready to masked up first thing in the morning. There has been several up grades and custom touches to this car. The owner made the engine cover and battery cover. The radiator cover is also some of his handy work. Stay tuned to see what’s next for this Stang.

Booth time

DSCF7161 DSCF7162 DSCF7164We had great progress on the Durango today. Yesterday it was sanded and set up in the booth before we left. This morning we masked it up for painting and did a final prep. We then applied a coat of sealer of the primed areas. Once that was dry, we sprayed 3 coats of base coat or color coat. When the base was dry, we laid down 2 coats of clear coat. Tomorrow we reassemble the doors and tail light, get it cleaned up and back to the owner.

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