Daily Archives: January 23, 2015

Flame time

DSCF7176 DSCF7174 DSCF7187 DSCF7185 DSCF7188Today I spent most of the day here, in the booth flaming the Mustang. We started by masking off all the areas that wasnt getting painted. Then we covered up the old Boss type stripes on the fenders and doors. Once the red was dry, we taped up the black areas so we could lay out the new flames. Once they were masked up, they were painted black with a touch of red pearl mixed We then removed the masking and laid down 3 coats of high solids PPG clear coat. This will stay in the booth over the weekend and Monday we will get it wet sanded and buff for that High Performance Finish.

Gotta skin it

DSCF7179 DSCF7178 DSCF7180 DSCF7181Here is an update on the Infinity FX45. The door skin came in today so this afternoon we took the latter part of the day to get the old skin off and the new one on. Here you can see what your door looks like with out the outer panel removed. The lower round bar is the high strength steel intrusion beam. This is the part of the door that helps keep another car from entering your car in the case of an accident. The next set of pictures show Chris hammering the new skin on. He is folding the outer lip of the panel around the main structure of the door. Once the skin was on, we applied a coat of seam sealer around the seams just like the factory had done. This should all be set up by Monday so we can flip it over and repair a couple of small dents we created when installing the skin. This project is moving along nicely.

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