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Civic duty part II

DSCF7150 DSCF7151The Civic was second in the booth today. This is the car that went to the frame shop early last week and was repaired and primed on Friday of last week. We sanded and prepped this one while the Trail Blazer was being painted. Tomorrow the bumper and trunk goes back on and off to clean up.

In the booth

DSCF7146Here is the Trail Blazer SS in the booth. This one was first up this morning in the booth. The primer was blocked out and the rest of the panel was prepped for paint. It was then put in the booth and masked off. Chris did a great job painting this. It was re-assembled today and will be delivered to the owner tomorrow.

Trail Blazing

DSCF7136 DSCF7138 DSCF7139This Trail Blazer SS came by late today to get an estimate on a dent in the quarter panel. The price was right so the owner went ahead and left to get repaired. We got started on it right away. When we removed the tail lamp we noticed that one of the plugs that helps hold the light in was missing. While Chris go to work fixing the dent, I got on the horn and ordered one up. No sense in not getting one and fixing it right while its out. Thats just what we do here. The dent was repaired and primed today before we left. The new plug will be in on Monday. It will be painted first thing Monday and back to the owner by Tuesday.

Civic duty

DSCF7141This is the Civic from earlier in the week. We got it back from the frame shop yesterday and Chis did an awesome job at repairing the trunk. Monday we will prep the trunk and the new rear bumper for paint. This one will be back on the road in no time.

Mustang Sally

DSCF7128 DSCF7129 DSCF7133 DSCF7132 DSCF7135 DSCF7134This Mustang is in the shop to get the roof stripes painted on. For some reason, the roof stripes were not painted like the hood and trunk stripes, they are vinyl decals. Over the years vinyl breaks down from the suns UV rays. The owner bought the car like this but first thing on the list was to correct the roof. The front chin spoiler had also had some road rash scars that he wanted to fix as well. He came to the right place. We started by removing the old stripes. A heat gun, finger nails and time. We had to heat up the vinyl, pick at it to get a piece to it started and do our best to peel it up in pieces as big as  possible. It took some time but we did get it. Next step was to mask it all up and paint them on. Once they were painted, we unmasked the stripes then laid down 2 coats of clear. Monday we will put it back together and get it back to its owner.


DSCF7122 DSCF7126 DSCF7125 DSCF7124 DSCF7123Phew, what a day. We spent today putting the finishing touches on these three cars. They were all cleaned up for delivery. The Acadia was delivered the other two will go home tomorrow.

Its a wrap

DSCF7120 DSCF7121The Jeep was finished up today and it turned out really nice. It goes home tomorrow too.

All shined up

DSCF7117 The Accord took its turn in the booth today. As you can see it turned out very nice. We will put it all back together tomorrow and it should be returned to it owner.

Rust busting

DSCF7097DSCF7098DSCF7105DSCF7104DSCF7108The rust on this Accord shows what happens to cars that come from up north and what the consequenses of using salt on road to melt ice. In Honda’s defense, there has been a previous repair in this very area. It was a very nice repair but somehow, someway, something worked its way under the paint and caused this. Luckily we got to it before a hole has formed. It was just a simple surface rust problem. We ground the paint off until we got to clean metal. Once that was done, we applied a coat of POR 15 over the rust. POR encapsulates the rust removing the oxygen. This keeps it from ever returning. Once that was dry, we smoothed the are up and primed it in. Tomorrow, this one will be silver again.

Feeling blue

DSCF7106 DSCF7107 The Jeep took its turn in the booth today and it turned out great. Tomorrow we will put this one all back together and it time permits, washed and cleaned up for the customer. This one should be going home on Wednesday.

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