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Tuxedo Stang

DSCF7397DSCF7398DSCF7400DSCF7402DSCF7403DSCF7404DSCF7411DSCF7406DSCF7405DSCF7413This Mustang is in the shop to get racing stripes. Last week we painted a set of brake calipers to match these stripes. That will tie the colors together and look nice when its all done. The owner also wanted to paint Saleen stripes on the fenders while we were at it. We started off by sanding the areas that we will be painting to ensure good adhesion. The car was then washed to provide a clean paint job. Then we masked off the panels that were not getting paint. We then sprayed the charcoal onto the panels where the stripes go. Once that base coat had dried, we masked off where the stripes were going. We then painted the panels back black.  When the black was dry, we un-tapped the masking and laid down 2 good coats of clear. As you can see, they turned out really nice. Monday we will put the stripes on the bumpers and re-assemble it. This should be ready mid week.

Car show today!!

The Shriners Hot Rod show is today at the Greensboro Coliseum. Times are from 5-9 today and from 9-5 tomorrow. Come on out and see some nice cars and support the children’s hospital.


Prime time

S0027378 DSCF7380 DSCF7381 DSCF7382Yesterday these ’52 parts were metal worked, sanded and prepped for primer.  A coat of epoxy was sprayed late yesterday, but it didnt dry in time for the Slick Sand. First thing this morning, after the shop warmed up of course, Chris sprayed 4 good coats of super high build Slick Sand primer to the hood and front valence panel. Next week we will start blocking and straightening these panels.

Thats the brakes.

DSCF7383 DSCF7385 DSCF7386 DSCF7388A customer of ours bought a couple of Mustangs and wanted to get the brake calipers painted so we gladly obliged. The yellow ones will match the car. Its actually the same Mustang we painted the roof stripes on a month ago. The charcoal calipers are going on a black car but it will soon have matching Saleen stripes. You should see it here in a couple of weeks. We started with brand new calipers. They were cleaned and prepped before a coat of PPG DP sealer was applied. Once that dried, it was followed with base coat then clear coat. These will go on the car first of next week.

Remember me?

DSCF7370 DSCF7372 DSCF7373 DSCF7374 DSCF7375 S0017377 S0027379 DSCF7364 DSCF7365 DSCF7366 DSCF7367 DSCF7368 DSCF7369It was great to get back on the 1952 Ford today. We have had a great run on collision work over the past few months and it sure was nice to work on some good ole American iron for a change. We started out on the hood. There were quite a few dents in there. We did a lot of metal work first to minimize the amount of filler. Once the metal was as good as we can get it, a thorough sanding with 80 grit sandpaper on both sides. Once that was complete, these parts were put into the booth and meticulously cleaned and prepped for primer. A coat of PPG’s DP epoxy primer was sprayed on both sides. This is a very slow drying primer, and since it was late in the day before we could get these primed, we will have to spray the super high build primer in the morning. We will then start the blocking process that flattens out the high spots and fills in the low ones whats left gets body filler or a few more taps with a body hammer. Good progress was made today, its really nice to see the transformation.

Silver Streak

DSCF7359This is the finished product we painted last week. The owner will finish up the final assembly on this mustang. These Cervini parts really fit quite nicely. This car now sports a cowl hood, new front and rear bumpers and new side skirts. Once its all back together it will be a real head turner.

Yes, We’re open

We are open for business today. Call us if there is anything we can do for you. Accident questions, rentals, help with insurance claims, just call. There have been many accidents reported. Please be safe if you must drive.


JMC Autoworx

Lotta parts

DSCF7354 DSCF7355 DSCF7351 DSCF7352 DSCF7353Here are the rest of the parts for the Mustang we painted yesterday. We plan on getting these installed tomorrow so it will be ready for  delivery early next week.

XR80 ready for assembly

DSCF7334 DSCF7333 DSCF7349 DSCF7350 Here are the final pictures of the old school XR80. Yesterday we painted the the tank, today we painted black stripe and clear coated it. I sure hope the owner will bring it by the shop when he gets it back together.

Silver streak gets new paint

DSCF7335 DSCF7336 DSCF7337 DSCF7342 DSCF7343 DSCF7345 DSCF7346 DSCF7347 DSCF7348Silver streak is looking better than ever. We spent the day on this Mustang today. It went into the booth first thing, it was masked and prepped for paint. We started the paint process with a coat of sealer followed by several coats of factory silver color. Once that was dry, we laid down 2 good coats of high solids PPG clear coat. Tomorrow we will paint the bumpers, side skirts and other miscellaneous parts.

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