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paint day

DSCF7268 DSCF7272 DSCF7275 DSCF7274

Here is an update on the Mustang. We primed the quarter and the bumper yesterday and blocked it all out and prepped it for paint. Today, it went in the booth to get that shiny black paint laid back down. A coat of sealer was sprayed over the primer area followed by a few coats of black base coat and 2 coats of clear. Being a 2015 parts are not readily available yet. We are waiting on a few parts but Ford has no idea when we will get them. As soon as they come in, this one will get reassembled and cleaned up.

One tough Tundra

DSCF7257 DSCF7259 DSCF7262 DSCF7263 DSCF7276This Tundra is in the shop to get a door replaced from a parking lot accident. We started by removing the old door and its interior panel and door glass. These items will be transferred over to its replacement. Unfortunately the used door had a few tiny dents in it but it was still a very nice door. We went ahead and removed all the parts from the back door as well to make for a nice blend. The fender flare was also removed today.  The door did get primed up before we left. The plan for tomorrow is to get it hung and painted. With a little luck, this truck will be back on the road Friday. I sure the owner will be happy with that.

That left a mark

DSCF7251 DSCF7255 DSCF7254This brand new 2015 Mustang had an unfortunate day when it  was involved in a fairly minor fender bender. We will be repairing the left quarter and rear bumper. Here you can see just how big the dent in the quarter. The bumper, being plastic, didn’t get quite as damaged but it still had to have some repair done to it. Primer and paint comes next so stay tuned.

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