Daily Archives: February 10, 2015

Already ready

DSCF7327This Tahoe is in the shop to get a new rear bumper. It came in yesterday, but the camera battery was dead, so we didnt get any pictures of the damaged bumper. We did get it painted yesterday and installed today. This one has already been cleaned up and will be ready for pick up tomorrow.

Silver streak

DSCF7325 DSCF7317 DSCF7318 DSCF7321 DSCF7320 DSCF7319This Mustang was prepped today for paint tomorrow. The body was sanded and washed today in preparation for tomorrow. We also primed the new aftermarket bumpers and spoiler today after literally hours of cleaning them. When these parts are made, they absorb a release agent that is used to keep the bumper from sticking to the mold they are made in. This release agent wreaks havoc on painters. You must get every single bit of that off the part before you paint them. The process for the removal of the release agent was followed many times to ensure that its all removed. If all goes well, the bumper will be painted on Thursday. Stay tuned, this Stang will be a head turner.

Memory lane

DSCF7298 DSCF7299 DSCF7331 DSCF7312 DSCF7315 DSCF7316Today in the booth we painted a 1979 Honda XR 80. He wanted to relive his childhood, so he bought a bike just like he used to ride. Wanting to restore it back to its original glory, he disassembled the bike, rebuilt all the working parts and is having us put the shine back on it. The frame was sandblasted to remove all the old grease, grime and old paint. It was then sanded to smooth up the tiny pits left by the sand. Next it gets washed several times to be sure the metal is clean. A coat of PPG Epoxy was sprayed on the frame and swing arm. After that was dry, 2 coats of PPG DG (direct gloss). We also had a chance to repair a couple of dents in the tank then paint it following the same steps as the frame. Tomorrow we will paint the black stripe that goes down the middle of the tank. Im going to have to ask the owner to bring this back by the shop to get a finished picture. These old dirt bikes are super cool and stand the test of time.

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