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DSCF7370 DSCF7372 DSCF7373 DSCF7374 DSCF7375 S0017377 S0027379 DSCF7364 DSCF7365 DSCF7366 DSCF7367 DSCF7368 DSCF7369It was great to get back on the 1952 Ford today. We have had a great run on collision work over the past few months and it sure was nice to work on some good ole American iron for a change. We started out on the hood. There were quite a few dents in there. We did a lot of metal work first to minimize the amount of filler. Once the metal was as good as we can get it, a thorough sanding with 80 grit sandpaper on both sides. Once that was complete, these parts were put into the booth and meticulously cleaned and prepped for primer. A coat of PPG’s DP epoxy primer was sprayed on both sides. This is a very slow drying primer, and since it was late in the day before we could get these primed, we will have to spray the super high build primer in the morning. We will then start the blocking process that flattens out the high spots and fills in the low ones whats left gets body filler or a few more taps with a body hammer. Good progress was made today, its really nice to see the transformation.

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