Daily Archives: March 2, 2015

Here a bump, there a bump III

DSCF7422 DSCF7423DSCF7430DSCF7428These are the bumpers to the Mustang that we painted last week. Today we painted the matching stripes on them. Careful attention was taken to make sure the stripes lined up with the trunk and hood. We re-installed them to ensure that they lined up as close to perfect as we could get them. Once the stripes were laid out, the rest of the bumper was masked off to prevent over spray, then the charcoal was sprayed. Once the charcoal base coat was dry, the masking was removed and clear coat was sprayed. Tomorrow’s plan is to re-install the bumpers and get this on ready for delivery.

Here a bump, there a bump II

DSCF7418 DSCF7417 DSCF7433This Pathfinder is in to get its bumper fixed as well. We started by removing and disassembling it to make a quality repair. The repaired area was properly cleaned then sanded to remove the scuffs and scratches. We masked off the undamaged parts of the bumper to keep primer in the wanted areas. Tomorrow we will sand and prep this bumper for paint and get it shot.

Here a bump, there a bump

DSCF7416 DSCF7415 DSCF7421 DSCF7420 DSCF7434This Buick Enclave is in the shop to get the rear bumper repaired. We can fix the damage to the bumper itself but the chrome molding is done. A new one is on order. As you can see we removed the bumper and completely disassembled it. We heated up the damaged area and pushed the low spots back up. We then applied filler to the low areas and blocked it to make sure its as flat and straight as possible. Once we were happy with the blocking, Chris applied 3 coats of urethane primer. Tomorrow we will block the primer and this bumper will get painted.

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