Freshening up the Benz

DSCF7469 DSCF7468 DSCF7474 DSCF7476 DSCF7478This very nice SL 500 is in the shop to get a face lift. We will be fixing quite a few rock chips from highway driving and a couple scratches. We started by removing the grill, door handles and mirrors. We will be painting the rest of the car together. Here you can see Paul doing the prep work. Paul has filled in for us from time to time when we needed an extra hand. We never sub out any of our paint or body work, if we get super busy, we may bring in help, but nothing leaves our shop for something we are capable of doing ourselves. Paul spent most of the day sanding the car. Late in the afternoon, he masked off the areas that were getting primer and primed them. Paul is a certified PPG painter so he is plenty capable of handling a  spray gun. Tomorrow he will be back to block out these spots and finish prepping this one for paint on Monday.

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