Daily Archives: April 28, 2015

Custom Mustang paint

DSCF7665 DSCF7664 DSCF7663 DSCF7662 DSCF7666 DSCF7668 DSCF7667We were also able to squeeze in some time today to get some parts painted on the Mustang. This car already had the black racing stripes, but the owner wanted to add the 1/4″ pin stripes as well as other custom painted stripes.You can see Chris. the master stripe taper in the booth today doing his thing. We have the body all sanded and prepped up for paint. We hope to get it in the booth and painted by the end of the week.

Karmann Ghia restoration

DSCF7655 DSCF7656This little beauty is came in today to get a full face lift as well as a few driveability upgrades. This will be a great project so stay tuned to see the transformation.

Ford truck update

DSCF7649 DSCF7647 DSCF7653 DSCF7654Great progress was made today on the hood for the ’52 Ford. The slick sand was blocked out with 80 grit paper followed by smoothing those scratches out with 180 grit paper. Once those blocking steps were complete, Chris took over and worked the bottom side of the hood. Since the bottom of the hood will be painted as nice as the top, we spent some time today making sure the body work on the bottom side looks nice as well. Tomorrow we hope to spray the final coats of primer and block it all out one final time before painting.

Civic duty

DSCF7657 DSCF7658DSCF7660DSCF7659This Civic is in the shop this week to get a battle scar repaired. We had to break out the stud gun to pull out the dents close to where the metal was supposed to be to minimize the amount of body filler.  A stud was welded to the panel with a special gun. A slide hammer grabs the studs and is used to pull the dents back out. We will be continuing the repair on this one tomorrow. Thursday, this will take its turn in the booth for paint.

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