Daily Archives: May 6, 2015

Uh oh

DSCF7717 DSCF7723 DSCF7728This Sentra is in the shop to get the hood repaired. Not sure exactly what happened here, but I do know it involved some buddies, and horseplay. At any rate, we repaired the hood on it today by stud welding a few strategically places studs in the low spots. We then hammered down on the high dents. This allows us to use as little filler as possible. So, although it looks like a lot of filler, its actually only about an eighth of an inch thick. It does cover a large area, but so did the dents. Once they were all fixed up, we sprayed 4 good coats of urethane PPG primer. Tomorrow we will block this primer out and prep the other panels for paint. We should easily get this one painted tomorrow.

In the booth

DSCF7721 DSCF7720First thing this morning we slid the 4Runner into the booth get the paint sprayed. After masking off what we didnt want to paint, Paul sprayed a coat of sealer over the new rear door. Once that was dry, he sprayed and blended out the charcoal base coat followed by 2 coats of PPG clear. Things went really well, this one really turned out nice. Tomorrow we plan on putting the door back together and sending this on to clean up. It may make it back to the owner tomorrow. Sorry, I missed getting a picture of it with the clear sprayed. Work keeps getting in the way of play time.

New lease on life

DSCF7719 DSCF7725 DSCF7726 DSCF7727 This Camaro is in the shop to get a couple of old repairs done years ago freshened up. Normally, the roofs on these Camaros were black. Some people had theirs painted body color when the car was new to be different or, some people didnt like the black roofs. Either way, this was one of those cars. Over the years the clear broke down and the owner wanted to get it fixed. We also, while its here repaired and painted the hood. It had a few battle scars from years of use so while its here we took care of that too. Stay tuned tomorrow on this one. There may be a surprise.

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