Daily Archives: May 12, 2015

No go

DSCF7736 DSCF7735 DSCF7734 DSCF7733 DSCF7739 DSCF7738We are slowly getting the Ghia disassembled. Today we pulled the engine and broke down the bumpers. The bumpers will be getting modified next week, then sent out for new chrome. Next step on the Ghia is to pull all the wiring and gas tank. We hope to get a jump on that tomorrow. We are updating the harness in this car to allow for a few extra circuits to make it more user friendly. This means we will also update the engine with an alternator for a little more electrical power. We are looking forward to this project. The VW Karmann Ghia is definitely a car you don’t see very often

The door some more

DSCF7740 DSCF7741 DSCF7743We have been working on this door for the ’52 Ford for the past few days. We are getting closer to getting it in primer but there is still a couple of hours of work left to do on it. Tomorrow we hope to get it good and straight and primed if time allows. You can see Paul blocking on the front valence. We primed it yesterday, blocked it again to ensure a good straight panel and then we primed it again. I got a call from Kelly, the metal guy on this job, and he informed me the right door is ready to pick up, so I will go by his place and pick that up on my way to work in the morning so we can get going on that one too.

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