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Ghia update

DSCF7788 DSCF7789 DSCF7785 DSCF7786 DSCF7787The Ghia went back on the lift Friday to inspect few questionable looking places. We found that someone had used “Great Stuff” to fill in holes, then painted over it to hide it. Great Stuff is foam in a spray can used mostly to fill in small voids. It expands to several times its size and has some insulating properties. It is not designed to fill holes in your car. We cleaned all of it out from around the end of the rockers and these pictures show what we found. Not surprised really, this is pretty normal for these cars. There is more “Great Stuff” up front that will get also get removed. Monday, this car will get all of the old paint removed to reveal whats hiding underneath.

Bed time

DSCF7768 DSCF7769 DSCF7770 DSCF7771 DSCF7775 DSCF7776  This Frontier was dropped off to get the bed fixed up. The bed had been used to carry various home improvement items and had a bit of wear and tear. This new sprayed in bed liner not only looks great but will protect the bed from future projects. It will also help keep the object from sliding all around back there as well. If you are looking to get a bed liner in your truck, give us a call.

Bike day

DSCF7773 DSCF7772 DSCF7781 DSCF7780 DSCF7777A customer dropped off these parts to his bike last week to get a fresh new look. He had some ideas on what he wanted his color to look like but we took it a step further. He wanted an eye catching blue with lots of pearl in it. We obliged but also added a spoonful of bass boat sized silver flakes. This added even more pop and pizzazz without taking away from the blue he wanted. Once Paul had sprayed that on, 3 good coats of clear was applied. The customer loved it. It really dances in the sun and grabs your attention.

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