Ratatouille (where’s Mike Rowe)

DSCF7792 DSCF7793 DSCF7791 DSCF7796 DSCF7797 DSCF7801 DSCF7795 DSCF7808 DSCF7809Big day here today. We had Soda Blasting NC come out to the shop to strip the Ghia. We chose to do it wet, to minimize the amount of dust that is created from the blasting. The process took about 6 hours today and worked really well. We found typical body repairs from over the years hidden under the layers of paint. The left fender fender has had its fair share of abuse as well as the left quarter. The rest is normal wear and tear from years of service. While we were washing the soda off we removed a little panel in the interior from under the back seat to find DSCF7805 DSCF7804to come clean it out, but we figured we might as well go ahead and man up. Luckily they have all moved out. We didnt find any left behind bodies, but there were plenty of half eaten nuts, insulation, bits of card board and part of a bag of bread from UDF. We cleaned up the nest, washed it up one final time and wiped it all down with a pre paint cleaner. We plan on getting the body off of this by the end of the week.

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