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Dents gone

DSCF7969This little MR2 was in the shop to get the fender repaired on it. I guess I missed getting pictures of the process, but here is the finished results. This fender had a dent in it that had started rusting. It was the size of a baseball but now, that is all history.

Bumped up bumper

DSCF7961 DSCF7967 DSCF7970 DSCF7960 DSCF7972This BMW was in tussle with a post in a parking lot. It did a very small amount of damage to the bumper but unfortunately the guys wife wouldn’t let him live it down. So, he stopped by to have it repaired for her. We first removed the bumper to allow access to the back side of the bumper. We heated the bad spots and molded them back to as close to where they were supposed to be as possible. We then filled the low areas and blocked it out to smooth up the area as best as possible. Primer was then put on the repair to fill in the final spots and provide a nice base for the paint. The entire fender was then sanded to ensure a good adhesion for the sealer and paint layers that followed. 2 coats of clear rounded off the repair. Tomorrow we will reinstall this bumper and get the car back to its owner.

Stripping, no not that kind.

DSCF7959 DSCF7962 DSCF7966 DSCF7964 DSCF7968This Chevy truck is in the shop to get its roof repaired. The paint is peeling off of the roof and before long, it will start rusting making the repair much more costly. We started by removing the antenna and third brake light. We then used a razor blade to strip off the clear coat. Once all that was off, we used the same method to remove the white base coat. Its a tedious process but it must be done to ensure the paint does not peel more in the future. We then sanded off all of the factory e-coat. We then put it in the booth and masked off the areas we dont want to paint. Then a coat of PPG’s acid etching primer was sprayed on the bare metal. Once that was dry, we sealed the roof with urethane sealer followed by base coat then 2 coats of clear coat. This process is the best way to ensure that the paint does not peel any more in the future.

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