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Yes, another Ghia in the shop

DSCF8045 DSCF8051 DSCF8050 DSCF8049 DSCF8046 DSCF8052This Awesome little Ghia is in the shop to get its left fender repaired. While the owner was out on a nice drive one day, the left wheel decided to escape. It came off, but luckily it didnt do too much damage. It did bulge the fender out some and rolled the edge over in a few places. We also will have to replace the rotor, backing plate and the wheel, as they were all damaged from the wheel coming off and grinding on the road. While repairing the fender, we also pulled off all the lights, grills and bumper to ensure a great repair and paint job. We did get primer on here before we left for the day and tomorrow we will block that out and re-prime it

52′ Ford

DSCF8037 DSCF8054 DSCF8055 DSCF8053Great progress on the cab to the ’52 this week, The outside body is complete, as well as the left door jamb. Tomorrow we hope to get the right jamb and dash squared away. There has been a panel welded in the center of the dash that needs to finished off as well as a couple of holes that were welded up that are no longer needed. Once those are smooth this cab will get another coat of primer before beautiful red paint gets sprayed on it. This will definitely be a head turner!!

Little filler, little primer, little sanding

DSCF8044 DSCF8042 DSCF8058Update on the Avalon here. Today we started the repair on the hood and right front door early this morning. Things went very well with this team effort. Chris worked the door while Paul worked the hood. This enabled us to get it in primer just after lunch. A few hours of dry time and Paul was able to get it sanded before we finished for the day. We should have the parts in the morning. Once they come in, we will get the fender trimmed out and installed as well as prep the bumper for paint. If all goes well, it would be nice to get this one painted tomorrow. Dont want to over promise, but its possible.

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