Daily Archives: August 5, 2015

Caddi Back

DSCF8069 DSCF8068 DSCF8074 DSCF8075 DSCF8082 DSCF8081This Cadillac’s make over is moving right along. We painted this car on Monday and it turned out very nice. All of the peeling paint and dents were repaired and primed in last week. Once in the booth and prepped, we sealed the areas that were repaired and followed that with several coats of dark blue pearl paint. Once that was dry Paul laid down two nice coats of PPG clear coat. Now have to install new moldings and pin stripe it and its ready for the road again.

Ghia paint day

DSCF8085 DSCF8087 DSCF8088 DSCF8089After getting all the logistics worked out with the insurance company, we got right to work on this Ghia. We fixed the fender up and removed all necessary items to ensure a quality paint job then slid it into the booth for painting. The repair area was sealed with PPG’s urethane sealer followed by several coats of red base coat. Then 2 coats of PPG’s high solid clear was sprayed to protect the color coat and provide the gloss. We are still waiting on some parts to wrap this little car up, but so far the process has gone very smoothly.

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