Daily Archives: August 6, 2015

Gold Corolla

DSCF8091 DSCF8092 DSCF8090We finally got the Corolla back from the frame shop today. We jumped on it right away hoping to have enough time to get it painted today. Well, as you can see we were able to get that accomplished. First we sanded all the panels that were going to be painted. We then washed the car to ensure a clean paint job. Once it was dry, we masked off the areas that were not getting painted and put it in the booth. Here is where Paul took over and did his magic. A coat of sealer was sprayed over the new panels, the hood, left fender and front bumper. Then several coats of gold base coat was spray and blended into the adjacent panels for undetectable color match. Once that was dry, 2 coats of PPG clear was sprayed for high gloss and to protect the base coat. We hope to get this one put back together tomorrow and if all goes well, back to the customer.

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