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14 carat gold

DSCF8104 DSCF8112 DSCF8113 DSCF8117 DSCF8115The Lexus has had its day in the booth and the results are fantastic. Once the areas that needed repair were primed in and sanded, the entire car was washed before entering the booth. We masked off the areas that did not get painted, then Paul went to work laying down a few coats of color followed by 2 coats of clear. Tomorrow we will put the bumpers in and Paul will get those painted while Chris and I reassemble the rest of the car. Once the bumpers are dry, they will be installed and back to the owner just in time for the weekend.

Cadi’s done

DSCF8107 DSCF8106Here is the finished product on the Cadillac we painted last week. The owner picked up yesterday and was very happy with her new paint job. She should get many more years of service out of this beauty and do it in style.

Raptor lining a Jeep Floor

DSCF8108 DSCF8110 DSCF8119 DSCF8118The owner of this Jeep CJ wanted a durable waterproof coating sprayed on the floor of his CJ. This is a perfect candidate for our Raptor spray in bedliner. First all of the interior was removed from the floor. Then the area was thoroughly sanded. We then cleaned the floor and masked off the areas that were not to get lined. An etching primer was sprayed over the bare metal spots for good adhesion. That was followed by two coats of the liner material. This is now a rugged, slip resistant, water proof coating that looks as good as it performs.

Freshen up

DSCF8093 DSCF8095 DSCF8096 DSCF8100This very nice Lexus is in the shop to get a few things fixed up. I’d say that this car is in well above average condition but it does have a few little things that need to be addressed. We will be fixing the hood and front bumper from rock chips as well as a few scratches on the rear of car. Nothing major, but the rest of the car is so nice, the scratches just stick out to much. The rear bumper had been painted in the past, so we will be fixing some of that old repair while we are at it. As you can see we completely disassembled the parts that needed to be removed for a quality job. We will have to prime these sanded areas in, then re-sand them for paint. Once that is done, we will be ready to apply paint. In a few days, this jewel will be back on the streets and looking good.

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