3, 2, 1, Lift off

DSCF8278 DSCF8279 DSCF8280 DSCF8281 DSCF8282Here you can see some progress on the ’67 Beetle. We will be doing some rust repair on this car over the next few months. We needed to remove the body to be sure we order up all the necessary part to get this one moving. This one will be getting new pans, a new left bumper mounting plate, new bottom heater channel plate and a couple other goodies. We spent the morning removing wires, brake lines, emergency brake lines, speedo cable and a few other odds and ends. Once that stuff was out of the way, we started removing the body bolts and steering column. We then put the lift under the body and lifted it right off. We will degrease the frame and remove the 48 years worth of gunk that on there so when it all goes back together it will be clean and neat. Stay tuned, this one will be a fun one.


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