Daily Archives: September 15, 2015

Camry time

DSCF8304 DSCF8305 DSCF8307 DSCF8308We were pretty busy at the shop today. Here you can also see that we got the Camry painted today as well. This one came in yesterday and needed a front bumper a repair on the left fender and new headlight. Chris and I got right to work on the this one while Paul was working on the Honda. We removed the bumper and light and repaired the fender. After lunch, we sanded and prepped the fender and bumper for paint. Once the Honda was dry, we figured there was enough time left in the day to paint this one too. As you can see, we did in fact get it done and it turned out great.

Painting the Fit

DSCF8301 DSCF8302Here is the Honda Fit that was repaired yesterday. The fender came in right on time this morning. After getting it trimmed out and some dry time, we installed the fender. We had the Fit in the booth just before lunch and had it all prepped up and ready for paint. After lunch, Paul got right to work on shooting it. Here you can see the results after paint and clear. Tomorrow we will start putting it back together.

Smooth as glass

DSCF8297 DSCF8298 DSCF8299 DSCF8300This is the finished product on the ’52 Ford. We finished up buffing these parts on Friday and put the final polishing on them yesterday. Now that all the parts are painted, its time for reassembly.

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