Daily Archives: September 29, 2015

On the mend

DSCF8421Because of a small little mishap with a pole in the owners garage, we are fixing a dent in the left fender on this really nice GMC. As you can see we removed the headlight and dropped the bumper down on this side to perform a quality repair. The dent was metal worked out first thing this morning. Once that was satisfactory, we worked the final touches out with a little body filler. We then primed the area with urethane primer. Once the primer was dry, Paul took over. He blocked the primer out and sanded the rest of the panel. The truck was then washed and set out to dry. Just before quitting time, Paul pulled it into the booth and prepped it for the paint it will receive first thing in the morning.


DSCF8411 DSCF8420 DSCF8409 DSCF8416 DSCF8413 DSCF8415Today we switched gears and went back to the ’67 bug. A few weeks ago, we worked on this one getting the body off and cutting out the old luggage area and the rusty rear bumper mount. We ordered the parts needed to fix this then moved it over to get going on the Ghia project. Now, we are back on this one for a few weeks to keep both jobs moving forward. We took the afternoon to fit the luggage tray and once we were happy with the fit, we welded it in. In the last two pics, you can see Chris and I took it for a test drive.

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