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Rocking along

DSCF8352DSCF8351DSCF8343DSCF8350DSCF8348DSCF8346Phew, what a day. Today we cut out the old rusty crusty rockers on the Ghia. We spent a good portion of the day drilling out the welds and cutting the outer sheet metal so the rockers and heater channels could be removed. Once all the bad stuff was out of the way, we started fitting the new heater channel in the car and got a pretty good fit on it.  You can see in the 4th picture where the new channels will weld up to the wheel house inner brace. Since we didnt have the outer rocker panel we didnt weld anything up on the inner channel. We need to kind of fit all these pieces in to make sure it all fits as it should. Those parts came in about 4;30 today so tomorrow we should be able to get the test fitting complete and start welding in some parts. It was a dirty job but glad things have gone really smoothly.

Here we go

DSCF8333 DSCF8337 DSCF8334 DSCF8335The Ghia has officially left its pan. We still have some bracing to do on here to keep the gaps from moving and to make sure its secure on the lift. Once that is done we will start the rust repair process. We also will be degreasing the pan just so everything is clean and neat when it all goes back together.

Oh Deer

DSCF8326 DSCF8328 DSCF8329 DSCF8331 DSCF8330 DSCF8332Its that time of year again. Its deer season. They are moving about and wreaking havoc on automobiles. The owner of this CRV hit a deer and it spun around and smashed in his door. The front bumper has nice gash in it as well. We will be replacing that and installing a new door skin. The parts are on order and should be here in the morning. We went ahead and got to work on it so when the parts get here, we can keep right on working.

Ole’ Blue

DSCF8321 DSCF8322 DSCF8323 DSCF8324 DSCF8325This Chevy truck is in the shop to get the full JMC treatment. The owner bought this truck new way back in 1986 and has had many happy miles with it but its showing some age and has a couple of minor bumps and bruises that will also need to be addressed. We will be painting this one all over and back the factory colors and doing a spray in bed liner. We will start by disassembling this truck, fixing the few dents that it has acquired over the years then repairing the surface rust, followed by painting then reassembly.  This truck will look better than new when its finished.

Ghia prime

DSCF8319 DSCF8320Yesterday we spent some time blocking and repairing  these panels on the Ghia.  Today, they received the final coats of primer.The next step for these panels will be another blocking with 320 grit sandpaper then paint.  The owner has picked out a couple of colors that suits her, so we will try to get those sprayed out tomorrow on cards so she can see the color live and in color.

Finished product

DSCF8317This Camry was all wrapped up today. The new bumper and head light was installed then it was all washed up for the customer. It really turned out nice.

Back on the Ghia

DSCF8313 DSCF8315 DSCF8316 DSCF8310 DSCF8311 DSCF8312Back on the ’71 Ghia today. We spent a good portion of the afternoon blocking out some body panels and a little body work. If you remember this car was stripped, epoxy primed and slick sand was also applied. That is the grey product you see here. Its a very high building primer that allows us smooth out the waves and ripples to ensure a super straight end product. These panels were blocked with 80 grit on a long block. This showed us where the high and low spots were. These were repaired and the hood and trunk lid are straight and ready for their final prime. The roof was also blocked out but time ran out before we could finish up the body work. We still have some extensive rust repair to do on this car when the parts come in. We should be getting on those repairs in the next week or so.

Camry time

DSCF8304 DSCF8305 DSCF8307 DSCF8308We were pretty busy at the shop today. Here you can also see that we got the Camry painted today as well. This one came in yesterday and needed a front bumper a repair on the left fender and new headlight. Chris and I got right to work on the this one while Paul was working on the Honda. We removed the bumper and light and repaired the fender. After lunch, we sanded and prepped the fender and bumper for paint. Once the Honda was dry, we figured there was enough time left in the day to paint this one too. As you can see, we did in fact get it done and it turned out great.

Painting the Fit

DSCF8301 DSCF8302Here is the Honda Fit that was repaired yesterday. The fender came in right on time this morning. After getting it trimmed out and some dry time, we installed the fender. We had the Fit in the booth just before lunch and had it all prepped up and ready for paint. After lunch, Paul got right to work on shooting it. Here you can see the results after paint and clear. Tomorrow we will start putting it back together.

Smooth as glass

DSCF8297 DSCF8298 DSCF8299 DSCF8300This is the finished product on the ’52 Ford. We finished up buffing these parts on Friday and put the final polishing on them yesterday. Now that all the parts are painted, its time for reassembly.

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