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Look who came by today

DSCF8440Vernon was in the neighborhood today in his 1950 Chevy truck that we completed for him a couple of years ago. If you remember, he got best of show in the truck class in 2013 with this beauty.

Bed time

DSCF8449DSCF8451While Chris and I was welding away on the Bug, Paul had the tedious job of digging out all of the seam sealer in the bed of the ’86 Chevy. No, not a glorious job, but one that has to be done just the same. A hammer and chisel was his preferred method. We have to remove all this because its all cracked up, chipping out and missing in lots of places. Once its all out, we can sand the bed for a bed liner. We will be replacing this old seam sealer with all new before the bedlinen gets sprayed in.

Buggin II

DSCF8438DSCF8452DSCF8439 DSCF8453DSCF8444 DSCF8437   DSCF8441  DSCF8448 DSCF8450 Today was busy day on the bug. Chris broke out the air hammer first thing this morning and started cutting out the old floor pans on the ’67 Bug. Once they were removed, the area where the new ones will be installed was prepped by grinding the surface smooth. After that, holes were punched into the pans for welding, Chris checked for fitment then welded them in. While he was doing that, I was cutting out the old rusty metal on the bottom of the heater channel and prepping the new pieces to go in. We did get all these projects completed today, the right side will not be quite as bad, so it should be able to get that done tomorrow. If that happens, then the body will go back on the pan next week so we can start the painting process.

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