Daily Archives: October 27, 2015

Ahh, much better

DSCF8637 DSCF8636 DSCF8635 DSCF8644Here is where we stand on the ’86 Chevy. For those of you not following this build, we have already painted the bed and done the spray in bed liner. Now we have the cab painted so assembly is where we are now. We hope to start putting some parts and pieces back on here by the end of the week. This is sure to be a very sharp looking truck

Yep, its deer season

DSCF8646 DSCF8647 DSCF8650 DSCF8651The Aviator struck a deer and stopped by to get repaired. We will be installing a new bumper and header panel on here. As you can see the headlights on this vehicle are starting to yellow and show damage from the sun, so while its here we will clean those up for the customer as well.  The last two pictures show the finished product. A new factory bumper and almost new looking headlights that will last for years. This should make for a happy customer

Garage door battle

DSCF8648 DSCF8649DSCF8655DSCF8656This Chevy Equinox is in for some repairs on the right fender. You can see in the picture that there is a big scratch but there is also a fairly large dent in there as well. As a matter of fact, the fender has several dents in it that we will fix too. Chris repaired the dents yesterday and Paul sprayed it this afternoon. Tomorrow we will put this one back together and get it back to the customer.

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