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DSCF8773DSCF8772DSCF8778DSCF8777DSCF8774DSCF8776This Camry is in the shop to get repaired from a side swiping. Two items cannot occupy the same space. When that theory is tested with automobiles, this is the result. Luckily no one was injured but the Camry took a big hit. As you can see we are fixing the rear bumper for some minor scuffs and the left quarter for a small dent. The door will be replaced with a nice used one. We were able to repair the dents today as well as get them in primer. We also installed the new door, which luckily was the same color. We still need to paint this door because of a few scratches in it. We plan on getting this one ready for paint tomorrow and possibly painted if all goes well.

Edge on deck

DSCF8771The parts for our Ford Edge came in today. Paul trimmed out the fender and we sanded it and had time to install it today. This one will go into the paint booth in the morning.

Bug reassembly

DSCF8769 DSCF8770Today we spent a few hours getting the front of the bug back together. We started by running new lines from the resivoir to the master cylinder After that we bleed the brakes, installed the gas tank and front fenders. We then started straightening out some of the wiring. Since we didnt disassemble this car, we had to print out a wiring diagram to show us where things were supposed to go. Unfortunately we found that someone had been playing electrician in there before us so we just went ahead and straightened all of it up. We may continue with getting this back together some tomorrow if time allows.

Shiny bug

DSCF8747 DSCF8748 DSCF8750 DSCF8751 DSCF8764 DSCF8762 DSCF8767 DSCF8756 DSCF8755This Beetle has been in the shop for a couple of months to get a new lease on life. Today we made sure it looks good strolling the streets. The fenders, hood and trunk were painted yesterday as well as the prepping of the car for paint. So today we slid the car in this morning and Paul started spraying. By the end of the day, this is the results. A very nice paint job on a very popular little car.

On the road again

DSCF8735Here is the Tahoe, ready to go back to its owner. We are known for our quick turn around here and this one didnt disappoint.  This came in on Monday and because the parts were already here we were able to get it repaired in a very timely manner. A new bumper and head light, a small repair on the fender and this is ready for the books.

Like a mirror

DSCF8739And here we have the finished product on the Cobra Mustang. We finished up the final assembly on it today and its really standing tall. The close up pictures of the hood and door really show how deep the gloss is and the smoothness of the paint.

On the Edge

This Edge was damaged in a minor little bump up last week. We couldn’t save the fender or bumper on this one, so replacement parts will be ordered. We will also be replacing the head light. While we were waiting on parts, Paul prepped the door for blending. This will save us some time when the parts do come in. Although the damage looks pretty bad, nothing behind the fender or bumper was damaged except the bracket that holds the fender on near the bumper. Once the parts come in, this job will go smoothly.

Parking lot mash up

This Tahoe was the unfortunate recipient of some front bumper and fender damage last week. Fortunately, the owner was not in it and no one was injured. We will be replacing the front bumper  and left headlamp.Here you can see Chris working his body work skills on the fender. Once it was finished and primed Paul took over and got it painted today. This one will be reassembled tomorrow and cleaned up for the customer. If all goes well, she will be riding tomorrow evening.

Grand finale

DSCF8717 DSCF8721 DSCF8720 DSCF8719 DSCF8718Ahhh.  Here we have the finished product. The 1986 Chevy truck is finished. We put the finishing touches on it yesterday and the VERY happy owner picked up today. With all of the new mechanical repairs that have been recently made, combined with the paint and body up grades made here, this truck is ready for 30 more years of service. It is really standing tall now and that picture of the front end, the truck even looks happier now.

Scratch be gone

DSCF8716This Chevy is all wrapped up and ready to go home.  Over the past few days we fixed a few bumps and bruises that it has accumulated over the years now its all cleaned up and ready for the weekend.

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