Daily Archives: November 6, 2015

Its open season..

DSCF8697 DSCF8696How terrible. This 2016 Camry hit a deer early one morning. This satisfied repeat customer knew exactly what to do, give JMC a call. Once here we got right to work disassembling the car to write  an accurate estimate. We then met with the owners insurance company and to iron out some final details then got right to work. All the parts are ordered and should arrive on Monday. In the meantime we pulled off the rest of the parts that will be replaced and repaired the damage done to the door from the deer.  Once the parts come in, we will keep on plugging along.

Wet sand and buffing

DSCF8693 DSCF8694 DSCF8695The Cobra is moving right along. Here you can see in the first two pictures what it looks like after wet sanding the clear coat. This is what was done yesterday. We sanded the entire car starting with 1000 grit sand paper then 2000 then 3000. Then we washed the car. This morning Paul and Chris started buffing the paint back out to bring the shine back out. Just like the sanding process, its done in steps. The first step is a heavy cutting compound that gets the scratches out. The next step up shines up the compound scratches. The final step brings up the high gloss back.  This is where we ran out of time today. We will put a final hand polish on here next week and then start the reassembly process. Then this Cobra will be back on the streets.

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