Daily Archives: November 16, 2015

On the Edge

This Edge was damaged in a minor little bump up last week. We couldn’t save the fender or bumper on this one, so replacement parts will be ordered. We will also be replacing the head light. While we were waiting on parts, Paul prepped the door for blending. This will save us some time when the parts do come in. Although the damage looks pretty bad, nothing behind the fender or bumper was damaged except the bracket that holds the fender on near the bumper. Once the parts come in, this job will go smoothly.

Parking lot mash up

This Tahoe was the unfortunate recipient of some front bumper and fender damage last week. Fortunately, the owner was not in it and no one was injured. We will be replacing the front bumper  and left headlamp.Here you can see Chris working his body work skills on the fender. Once it was finished and primed Paul took over and got it painted today. This one will be reassembled tomorrow and cleaned up for the customer. If all goes well, she will be riding tomorrow evening.

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